Nine out of ten Hungarians can spot fake products, EU study finds

Hungarians have the best understanding of the concept of intellectual property in the European Union, and only 9 percent of Hungarian consumers tend to be uncertain when it comes to recognising counterfeit products, according to a fresh study by the EU's intellectual property office EUIPO.

Altogether 83 percent of Europeans claimed to have a very good or rather good understanding of IP, with that proportion being highest in Hungary and Portugal at 92 percent each, the study found.

When it comes to online pirated content, 54 percent of Hungarian consumers said it was acceptable to obtain content from the internet illegally for personal use. This ratio is highest in Slovakia at 58 percent and lowest in Denmark at 24 percent.

According to the study, 12 percent of Europeans admitted to having used illegal sources to watch sports over the past year. This was least common in Hungary (6 percent) and most frequent in Bulgaria (21 percent) and Greece (20 percent).

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