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Nezopont: Voters expect ruling parties’ win

A large majority of active voters, 68 percent, saw the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrats (KDNP) winning the general election if it were held this Sunday, according to a fresh survey of the Nezopont Institute.

Only 15 percent of active voters anticipated an opposition win, the survey published in the Wednesday edition of the daily Magyar Nemzet found.

Pro-government voters are overwhelmingly confident about the elections, Nezopont said. Fully 88 percent anticipated Fidesz-KDNP being re-elected, 11 percent expressed uncertainty, while a mere 1 percent reckoned with an opposition victory, Nezopont said.

Among opposition voters, 42 percent saw their side winning as against 36 percent who anticipated a victory by the ruling parties, Nezopont said.

Active voters have not changed their minds since December 2021, Nezopont said, suggesting the “leftist parties’ failure to get organised”.

“Due to constant delays in finalising a joint list, delays in finding common ground on campaign issues, a lack of messages offering an alternative and [joint prime ministerial candidate] Peter Marki-Zay’s weak campaign performance, the past month has failed to bring about positive turn for the anti-government forces,” Nezopont said.

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