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Nezopont: Vast majority of Hungarians support immediate ceasefire

Fully 75 percent of Hungarians agree with calling for an immediate ceasefire in the Russia-Ukraine war, according to a fresh survey by the Nezopont Institute released on Friday.

The think-tank said in a statement that only 15 percent of the survey’s respondents disagreed with the need for a ceasefire.

In a breakdown of responses by age group, Nezopont found that support for an immediate ceasefire was equally high among 18-39-year-olds (73 percent), 40-59-year-olds, who were born during the Cold War (77 percent), as well as those over 60 who lived through the armed conflicts and retaliations of the 20th century (76 percent).

In terms of political affiliation, Nezopont found that 91 percent of pro-government voters agreed with the government’s position that the warring sides should enter into negotiations and reach a peaceful settlement.

Meanwhile, 58 of left-wing voters also agreed with calling for an immediate ceasefire, while 30 percent disagreed.

Nezopont’s phone survey was conducted with a representative sample of 1,000 adults between June 12 and 14.

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