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Nezopont: Majority of Hungarians see real risk of nuclear war

Fully 54 percent of Hungarians consider it "a real danger" that the Russia-Ukraine war could escalate into a third world war and 55 percent think that one of the warring sides could deploy nuclear arms, according to a survey released by the Nezopont Institute on Monday.

When the war broke out more than a year ago, many Hungarians believed that it would end soon, Nezopont said.

Today, only 42 percent of Hungarians believe that there is no realistic threat of a world war and 41 percent sees no realistic threat of the deployment of nuclear arms either, the think-tank said.

Among those who fear a world war, 81 percent also fear the deployment of nuclear arms and only 16 percent think that a world war would be fought without such weapons.

Those who do not fear a global conflict (77 percent), mostly do not fear destruction caused by nuclear weapons either, while 21 percent consider the use of nuclear weapons in a local conflict to be conceivable even without the risk of a world war, Nezopont said.

Nezopont conducted its survey of 1,000 adults by phone between April 17 and 19.

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