Peter Magyar – Photo: Facebook

Nezopont: ‘Magyar’s emergence in politics does not weaken Fidesz’

Ruling Fidesz has retained its 47-percent lead over the opposition parties, whereas Peter Magyar who has emerged in Hungarian politics has divided voters on the left, according to a fresh poll released by the Nezopont Institute on Friday.

In the poll conducted by phone between February 26-28 and between April 2-4 on a sample of 1,000 adults, Nezopont noted that three weeks ago Magyar had announced that he would set up a party and run in the upcoming European parliamentary elections.

Nezopont said that at an election held this Sunday, Magyar’s party would garner 13 percent of the vote, the same as the joint list of the Democratic Coalition, the Socialist Party and Parbeszed. The satirical Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party has a backing of 11 percent, while Momentum, “the biggest loser” on the change in the political scene, was at 4 percent (down from 7 percent in February) and thus below the EP threshold of 5 percent.

“While Magyar tries to position himself as a centre party, he has failed to win the support of ruling party supporters. His supporters come from among the camp of voters supporting left wing parties,” Nezopont said.

Radical right-wing party Mi Hazank has had 6 percent, just clearing the parliamentary threshold, down from 8 percent in February, Nezopont said.

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