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Nezopont Institute: Marki-Zay’s own voters disagree with his statements

Even the majority of left-wing voters disagree with statements by Peter Marki-Zay, the opposition's prime ministerial candidate, regarding the government's utility price cap and his ideas on health-care reform, the daily Magyar Nemzet reported on Saturday, citing a survey by the Nezopont Institute.

The survey interviewed respondents about four statements made by Marki-Zay, whose name went unmentioned. His original statements, though essential unchanged, were shortened, the paper wrote.

Three-quarters of voters said they disagreed with the statement that “the current utility price cap” should not be maintained, while just 19 percent said they agreed. The suggestion was rejected by six out of ten left-wing voters and 91 percent of Fidesz voters.

When asked about the statement that “instead of the current utility bills scheme, people with high energy bills should use less water, less electricity, less gas”, 79 percent of active voters said they disagreed and only 17 percent expressed their agreement. The idea was rejected by 64 percent of left-wing voters and 91 percent of Fidesz supporters.

Nine out of ten voters disagreed with the idea that “records should be kept of who is a Roma and who is not a Roma in Hungary”. The statement was rejected by 87 percent among both left-wing and right-wing voters, the paper said.

The survey shows 81 percent of active voters also disagree with the idea that “private health care is better than public health care”. This suggestion was also rejected by seven out of ten left-wing voters and only 17 percent agreed. Among Fidesz supporters, 90 percent rejected the statement that health care should a business, the paper said.

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