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Nezopont: Fidesz retains lead

Fully 49 percent of Hungary's "politically active voters" would support ruling Fidesz and 41 percent would vote for the united opposition if the general election were held this coming Sunday, the Nezopont Institute said on Monday.

The pollster said on it website that the gap between the two blocs had not narrowed, while it also said its data indicated that “the Russia-Ukraine war has clearly had a negative impact on support for the smaller parties”.

Nezopont said only 4 percent of Fidesz supporters were undecided, while that ratio was as high as 41 percent on the other side, adding that “this could be explained by Peter Marki-Zay’s lack of popularity”, it added, referring to the prime ministerial candidate of the united opposition.

According to the pollster, 56 percent of left-leaning respondents said they would prefer Marki-Zay to be the next prime minister to incumbent Viktor Orb├ín, while the rest of this segment “could not express a clear position”. “The leftist candidate is not powerful enough to maximise votes,” they said.

Nezopont said the proportion of swing voters within the camp of active voters came to 5 percent, which the pollster characterised as “unusual”.

The survey has indicated 3 percent support for the satirical Two-tailed Dog Party, and 2 percent for radical party Mi Hazank, which may make either parties winning seats unlikely, the pollster said.

The poll was conducted by phone between March 16 and 21, with a representative sample of 1,000 voting-age adults.

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