Hungary's border fence – Photo: wikipedia

Nezopont: 77 percent of Hungarians reject mandatory resettlement quotas

The overwhelming majority, 77 percent of Hungarians reject the European Union's scheme to send immigrants to Hungary, including 58 percent of leftist respondents, the Nezopont Institute said in a survey published on Monday.

In the survey, Nezopont asked 1,000 people by phone between June 12 and 14 on a negotiating position the European Council adopted on June 8, which will form the basis of negotiations with the European Parliament on regulating immigration and asylum procedures in the bloc. Hungary voted against the position.

Nezopont said that under the proposed regulation, Hungary would have to accept “8,500 illegal immigrants every year, equivalent to about 30 percent of all resettled immigrants”.

In the poll, 77 percent of respondents said the EU should not send asylum seekers to Hungary without the country’s approval. Almost all, 93 percent of pro-government voters and 58 percent of leftist voters rejected the mandatory resettlement quota scheme, while 32 percent said they were acceptable, Nezopont added.


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