Clinical trials had indicated that Pfizer's vaccine was 95 percent effective – Photo: MTI

New shipment of Pfizer vaccine arrives

The third shipment of vaccines has arrived in Hungary, public television M1 said on Tuesday. Fully 39,000 vaccines were received in the morning, and 5,000 doses were taken directly to Semmelweis University's central pharmacy, where health-care staff will be inoculated.

Around 2,000 health employees have already been vaccinated. So far no one has suffered an adverse reaction. Jabs will be repeated three weeks later in order to reach full protection.

Altogether 4.4 million doses of Pfizer vaccines are being delivered to Hungary. The government is also in contact with other manufacturers, and it has ordered more than 17 million ampoules.

Vaccines available for all health-care workers

Hungary now has enough vaccines to inoculate all health-care staff against the coronavirus, and 15,000 have already received their first jab, the chief medical officer said on Tuesday. Hungary currently has enough of the vaccine to inoculate 78,875 people, now being rolled out to city hospitals besides the 25 vaccination points, Cecilia Muller told a press conference of the operative body responsible for handling the epidemic.

General practitioners, pharmacologists and dentists can now receive the vaccine, Muller said, adding that appointments can be made over the phone or via email. In the next step, workers and residents of elderly care homes will be inoculated, she said.

Law enforcement officials directly involved in the protection efforts also have priority in the vaccination plan, she said.

Those who received the first jab will also be given a certificate containing the date of the second injection, she said.

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