New Hungarian Panel on Climate Change to compile latest national research results

The newly set-up Hungarian Panel on Climate Change (HuPCC) will compile Hungarian aspects of new knowledge and research results on climate change and it plans to hold its first scientific conference in April, the body's leaders said on Tuesday.

HuPCC has been set up as a national scientific advisory forum for the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC).

Deputy leader Diana Urge-Vorsatz told an online press conference that since the IPCC was set up 30 years ago, demand has developed in Hungary for a similar organisation that compiles the results of work carried out in the country in this field.

HuPCC leader Laszlo Szeker said the first Hungarian scientific conference on climate change between April 12 and 15 will represent the first interdisciplinary professional dialogue in Hungary.

HuPCC said in a statement that its aim was to present a detailed assessment of the current situation and a vision for the future based on scientific knowledge.

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