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Nemeth: ‘Tusvanyos’ summer university ‘unique workshop for national cohesion’

The large intellectual meeting of the Carpathian Basin dubbed Tusvanyos is a "unique workshop for national cohesion and the nation's will to survive", the head of parliament's foreign affairs committee said on Tuesday.

Zsolt Nemeth told a press conference on the 31st Balvanyos Free Summer University and Student Camp, to be held in Baile Tusnad (Tusnadfurdo) in central Romania between July 19 and 24, that up to 60,000 visitors were expected to attend. The meeting will feature around 400 events in 27 tents, he said.

Nemeth said Tusvanyos was a workshop for national identity and sovereignty and viewed as a platform for building alliances. Lasting alliances can only be built on a firm set of values, he added.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has accepted an invitation to Tusvanyos, as well as Laszlo Tokes, head of the Hungarian National Council of Transylvania, Nemeth said. Deputy Prime Minister of Romania and president of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania Hunor Kelemen will exchange views with Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga, he added. A roundtable of party politicians will also be held, with the participation of Zsolt Molnar of the opposition Socialists, Laszlo Lorant Keresztes of opposition LMP, Lorinc Nacsa of the co-ruling Christian Democrats and Mate Kocsis of ruling Fidesz, he said.

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