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Nazi victim soccer player commemorated in Budapest

Istvan Toth Potya, a Hungarian soccer player murdered by the Gestapo, was commemorated by the Ambassador of Israel and the Hungarian Jewish community in Budapest on Tuesday.

Yacov Hadas-Handelsman, the ambassador, said in the Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Park that Toth Potya was an outstanding coach with special skills. “He however carried out his most heroic act in the darkest period of history when during WWII he saved the lives of several hundreds of Jews,” the ambassador added. He said “Istvan Toth Potya was a hero”, adding that Israel will always be grateful to people who were standing out “as a lighthouse” during a long dark era of Europe.

Andras Heisler, the president of the Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities (Mazsihisz), said that Toth Potya had introduced incredible new methods as a coach. Additionally, he saved hundreds of Jews by risking his own life, Heisler said.

Historian Peter Szegedi said Toth Potya played as member of the national eleven and worked later with Italy’s Internazionale. He was arrested in the winter of 1944 and taken to the Gestapo. He was murdered in Budapest in February, 1945.

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  1. People forget the “Arguable Spiritual Rigor of the Nazi” Ideology and Philosophy.What started as a sense of hate and revulsion, and the angst of history,defeat and humiliation – achieved the status of a SPIRITUAL CULT, in the later years ,and towards the end.

    In the Nuremberg trials,the stoic obduracy of the SS Generals,was NOT motivated by the love for the German State,or the German People.There was an ASSUMED Spiritual Salvation (misplaced, as per popular opinion),which the Generals THOUGHT,they were facing (in the gallows)

    What was that Spiritual Inspiration – and is it coincidental, that the Swastika, was used by the Nazis ?

    The TRUTH is that,the NAZIS were inspired by the GITA,and thought that it was their DIVINE duty to do their deeds – and that, it was DIVINE ACTION (and NOT their hands) which GUIDED their actions,and that they were NOT responsible,for their actions.A part of this philosophy, is that NO HUMAN/JUDGE can give them justice (or understand their posit), and so, ONLY THE DIVINE can judge them (which is Y, the Generals boycotted,the Nuremberg trials)

    And this is the proof ,in Chapter 18 of the Gita

    Context – Arjuna (a killer) was wavering on the battlefield -as he had to kill his family and several others.In comes Krishna (akin to a Plato-Hitler fusion),who explained to Arjuna,that it was HIS DUTY to kill,and EVEN BY KILLING,HE DID NOT KILL – as the people killed WERE CREATURES – and the DIVINE WAS CONTROLLING HIS BOW !

    Verse 18:14 – The locus as also the agent,the different kinds of organs,the many and distinct activities and the divine here is the fifth
    Verse 19:15 – For whatever action a man undertakes by which body mind or speech,whether right or wrong,the following 5 are its causes

    The above 2 verses,PROVE that a man has NO CHOICE OR VOLITION, in his actions or speech.IT IS THE FIFTH ELEMENT (THE DIVINE), which guides all actions (as did the Nazis opine).It also proves that,HUMANS have no sentience – and are on this planet,for a role and purpose,DECIDED by the 5th ELEMENT, which chooses an agent (like the Fuhrer),to communicate the same.

    Himmler is ON RECORD,quoting these verses.

    Verse 18:17 – He has not the feeling of egotism,whose intellect is not tainted,he does not kill,nore does he become bound “even by killing these creatures

    The above verse means that you can eliminate w/o consequences,as long as it is done w/o ego or hate or remorse or sensation or pity or feelings – and then,it will be deemed,as if YOU DID NOT KILL.Also,the killed are called “CREATURES”.Most important,as in the previous verses,IT WAS THE 5TH ELEMENT WHICH GUIDED THE NAZIS (As per the Nazis)

    So the SS soldiers who wavered – and read the above verses,would be easily brainwashed. Germans are supposed to be the Golden Haired Aryans, described as Gods, in the Rig Veda.Link this to the Hindoo Swastika.

    This is the theological and philosophical justification of genocide,which appears ONLY in 1 scripture in the world – which is the BHAGWAD GITA.

    Himmler thought that his fate was that of Arjuna – a killer who left his fate to the Divine,and Arjuna was also killed (later – after he completed his genocide)

    Hitler is considered in Hindooism, to be A KALKI AVATAR – and all the Hindoo Gods who came to Earth, as Avatars – were all KILLED,OR DIED A MISERABLE DEATH. (like Hitler)

    What initiated Nazism,is disputable – but the GITA SUSTAINED THE NAZI GENOCIDE,and THEIR SENSE OF DIVINITY (especially the spectacular military success, of the Nazis).

    The situation is that in 2021,Israel is a strategic ally of the Hindoo state,and says that, the Hindoos are 1 of the LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL !

    Where is the world headed ?

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