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National Museum shows photos of 1956 revolution by John Sadovy

House Speaker Laszlo Kover opened an exhibition of photographs by John Sadovy about the anti-Soviet uprising of 1956 at the National Museum in Budapest on Friday.

Kover said 1956 was the tragedy of a country wanting to break out of communism but let down by the key players of world politics. “The creation of the Soviet Union and the Bolshevik transformation of historical Christian Russia was the greatest geopolitical disaster of the 20th century,” he said.

“This disaster resulted in a multi-fold tragedy for Hungary, tragic consequences for the whole of Europe in the second half of the 20th century, and in its intellectual after-effect, the Bolshevik idea’s viral mutation threatens the whole of western civilisation with disintegration,” he added.

Director of the National Museum Laszlo L. Simon said Sadovy’s 1956 photos made Hungary’s freedom fight, as well as the photographer, world famous. The exhibition will run from Saturday through December 10 and it will also include photographs not seen publicly before, he added.

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