Alexandra Szentkiralyi (l) and Gergely Gulyas - Photo: MTI

National Consultation survey to be delivered to households on Friday

Delivery of National Consultation public survey questionnaires to households will start on Friday, according to Alexandra Szentkiralyi, the government spokeswoman.

The latest survey was, she said, “important, given our numerous disputes with Brussels in many areas”.

EU migration policy, foreign influence in Hungarian politics, and Ukrainian grain imports are among the issues voters will be asked about.

The spokeswoman said on Thursday that the EU expected Hungary to increase its contributions for the purpose of financing the Russia-Ukraine war. Further, Brussels wanted to set up migrant ghettos and force the government to scrap schemes that ensure cheap household energy bills and an interest cap on loans. It also wants to government to phase out tax on excessive profits, she said, adding that Brussels was also “pursuing its attack on the child protection law”.

The questionnaires will be mailed to every household by Christmas and can be returned by Jan 10, she said, adding that an online option will also be available.

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