National Consultation survey includes 14 questions

The government's new National Consultation public survey contains fourteen questions covering a variety of issues, including the minimum wage, the moratorium on loan payments, a personal income tax rebate for low-earning parents, migration and taxes. Voters have until Aug. 25 to return the questionnaire.

The public is asked whether Hungary should be strengthened to meet the challenges of the post-pandemic era.

It is also asked if the minimum wage should be raised to 200,000 forints (EUR 575) per month so that not only companies but also the Hungarian people should enjoy the benefits of economic growth.

The next question concerns granting constitutional protection to family support, pensions and low labour taxes to prevent any future government from depriving the public of them in times of crisis.

The government asks the public if it should strive for Hungary having the lowest taxes on labour in Europe.

It also asks for public support for its planned measure allowing parents who earn below the average income to reclaim their 2021 personal income tax in 2022, if Hungary’s growth rate exceeds 5.5 percent in 2021.

The public is asked if the moratorium on loan repayments should be extended from the current deadline of September to July 2022 for families and businesses in trouble.

The next question concerns Brussels’ plans to launch procedures against Hungary and “impose its will on the Hungarian people”. The government asks if Hungary should accept the challenge or yield to pressure.

The survey is meant to gauge public response to the climate tax Brussels has proposed levying on Hungarian families’ flats and vehicles to finance the costs of reducing pollution caused by multinational companies and tackling climate change.

The questionnaire also covers the recently adopted anti-paedophile law that triggered massive international protest by organisations the government says are financed by US billionaire George Soros.

The National Consultation survey asks people whether Hungary should stand against illegal migration to Europe or yield to pressure from “Soros-backed organisations”.

The public is also asked if those arriving from pandemic-hit countries should only be allowed to enter Hungary’s territory if they hold a valid health visa.

Another question asks whether the plan in Brussels for the mandatory resettlement of migrants should be allowed to go forward in the post-pandemic years.

The survey also gauges people’s opinion on the government’s proposal to put a hold on migration to Europe for a period of two years after the pandemic.

The last question is about the need for Hungary to reduce its dependence on foreign vaccines in the era of pandemics by establishing a vaccine factory of its own.

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