MTVA fulfilled ‘historic task’ of broadcasting pope’s visit

Hungary's public media "successfully fulfilled the historic task" of broadcasting the visit by Pope Francis last weekend, the press office of MTVA, the Media Service Support and Asset Management Fund, said on Thursday.

The visit was the most important event covered in Hungary this year, not only in terms of the life of the church but also in the country’s public life, the statement said. The broadcast enabled viewers and listeners who were unable to attend the events in person to directly experience the pope’s visit, it added.

Several hundred public media staff were involved in the broadcasts, playing “a crucial role in Hungary’s media history”, the statement said.

Among the country’s media, TV2, Hír TV, RTL Klub, ATV and five other outlets received the and replayed broadcasts.

Among the international news agencies that took over MTVA’s broadcasts were Reuters, APTN and AFP, and a global Christian audience received them through Vatican Media.

The live broadcast was offered free of charge to all members of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), and some two million Hungarians watched it on Hungary’s public media channels and on YouTube.

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