A Gidran vehicle - Photo: wikipedia

MoU on Turkish combat vehicle manufacture in Hungary signed

Turkish defence company Nurol Makina and N7 Nemzeti Vedelmi Ipari Innovation Holding signed on Tuesday an MoU on a joint venture to manufacture Gidran combat vehicles.

The companies’ chief executives Engin Ufuk Aykol and Laszlo Palkovics, respectively, signed the deal in the presence of Kristof Szalay-Bobrovniczky, the defense minister, in the ministry building.

The deal involves production and assembly as well as research and development in Hungary, the ministry said in a statement.

Szalay-Bobrovniczky noted efforts under way to revamp the Hungarian armed forces, saying that this must be achieved in a way that insulates Hungary from supplier risks. This entails building a “serious” defence industry in a way that serves the armed forces development as well as that of the Hungarian economy as a whole, he said. Hungary views Turkiye as a strategic partner in this, he added.

So far the assembly of the Gidran combat vehicle has taken place in Kaposvar, and now the entire vehicle itself will also be manufactured in Gyor, in western Hungary, at the Raba manufacturing site. This, he added, was “a huge step forward” because of the export potential as well as satisfying domestic needs.

At least 200 new jobs will be created thanks to the deal, he said, adding that a broad network of domestic suppliers will also be involved.

The JV will be named Gidran, an ancient Hungarian breed of horse ridden by hussars due to its excellent fighting ability, the minister said.

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