More children likely to return to kindergarten, school

The number of children returning to kindergartens and schools is expected to further increase this week, the state secretary in charge of public education told public radio on Monday.

Zoltan Maruzsa said that even though the government had decided to reopen kindergartens and schools in the lower grades a week ago, parents were given the option to keep their children at home and their absence was “handled with due flexibility”.

Last week, 75 percent of all 1-4 graders returned to their classrooms and 60 percent of small children went back to the kindergarten, Maruzsa said.

The state secretary said that the upper grades of primary school and secondary schools would reopen on May 10 when the “full education system will return to classroom mode”.

Maruzsa said that the final examinations of secondary schools would be held similarly to last year, ensuring a safe distance between participants.

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