Anna Donath - Photo: MTI

Momentum: Revolutionaries formed community that valued freedom

The young revolutionaries of 1848 "took control of their fate" by forming a community of people who valued freedom and the nation, Anna Donath, an MEP of opposition Momentum, said, marking the 175th anniversary of the 1848-49 revolution and freedom fight on Wednesday.

Every generation has a right and a duty to “take control of its fate”, Donath said. “What else are these national holidays about but remembering those who did everything they could for the future so that we could be freer, happier, more honest and more credible?” she asked.

Although Hungary’s freedom fights throughout history “never ended with the most positive outcomes”, they were not fought in vain, she said, “because we’re here and so are the new generations”.

Momentum MP Endre Toth said that if the party worked hard and took risks, it could “secure freedom again” locally and across the country.

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