Andras Fekete-Gyor – Photo: Facebook

Momentum picks leader Fekete-Gyor to run in joint opposition PM primary

Andras Fekete-Gyor, the leader of the Momentum party, will run in the primary for the joint opposition's candidate for prime minister, the party said on social media on Sunday.

Momentum said the 2022 general elections must “not only be about replacing [Prime Minister] Viktor Orban”.

“We have an even more important task: to build a new, 21st-century Hungary,” the party added.

“Building a new Hungary requires new faces, ones that don’t come from the world before 2010 and who understand that system-wide change is necessary before Hungary loses a whole generation,” Momentum said.

The party said Fekete-Gyor had proved capable of forming a community of those from the left and the right, of conservatives and liberals who believe in a common goal. It added that he would also be able to bridge political camps to bring together everybody who believes in the vision of a new and better Hungary.

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