Momentum MEP urges opposition to show credible vision

Momentum MEP Anna Donath said the opposition must show a credible vision if is to replace Viktor Orbán's regime, addressing her party's conference on Saturday.

At the event streamed on Momentum’s Facebook page, Donath, who is returning to politics after a maternity leave, pledged honesty and hard work, which she said her party needed to regain its credibility. She called for a radical change in opposition politics, arguing that what the opposition had been doing since 2010 would not be enough to replace Fidesz or complete the change of regime.

“The April 3 [election] showed that this regime cannot be overcome by a colourless, odourless alliance based on the smallest common denominator,” she said. This system will also end one day, because it is based on lies, she said, but whoever promises to prematurely replace the Hungarian government is also telling lies.

Donath named the creation of a people-centred economy and an education offering opportunities for all, and the fight against climate change as the key challenges ahead of Hungary. She called for compassion, and a strong democracy instead of a strong leader. She said that Hungary’s place is in the West, on the side of freedom and liberal democracy, adding that commitment to the west cannot mean that Hungary cannot criticise Western institutions.

Donath said it was vital that Ukraine won the war it is fighting to defend its homeland.

Momentum chairman Ferenc Gelencser said Hungary was a party state today, in a way scarily similar to how it was before 1989. He noted that when the environmental organisation Duna Kor was established in 1984, the regime considered its members foreign agents and enemies of the Hungarian economy. This is exactly what they say about those opposing the planned battery plant in Debrecen, he said.

Budapest deputy mayor Gabor Kerpel-Fronius said Momentum had the knowledge, drive and power to change Hungary, and politicians who dare to speak the truth.

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