Anna Donath – Photo: Facebook

Internal recording showes Donath confirming talks with EU commissioner

Momentum MEP has informal consultations with Jourova despite denial

A leaked video recording of opposition Momentum MEP Anna Donath shows her "boasting" about having regular informal consultations with European Commision Vice Chair Vera Jourova despite Donath's recent denial of such consultations during a public debate, Justice Minister Judit Varga said on Saturday.

Varga said on Facebook on Saturday that she had recently had a live televised debate with Donath where the opposition MEP denied that she frequently consulted with Jourova about Hungary and that she had a role in the “coordinated attacks against Hungary by Brussels”.

At the same time, news channel HirTV has acquired and made public an internal Momentum video chat recording showing Donath “boasting” about having informal consultations with Jourova “at least every three days in order to ensure that the Hungarian government’s decision have political consequences,” Varga said.

In reaction, Donath said on Facebook that “European commissioners are not uncontactable, unlike members of the Hungarian government, and one does not have to beg them to have a chat”. “Jourova and myself are in the same party family and we are both working to build a fair, humane, and safe state based on the rule of law,” she added. Donath said that in March when the Hungarian government was “fighting” for the domestic and international approval of a law giving special powers to the government during the first wave of the epidemic Jourova asked for her opinion, as an elected MEP of Hungary, several times.

Meanwhile, Varga called on Donath to “leave politics” over her “publicly denying” her communications with Jourova earlier, and insisted that the MEPs of the Hungarian opposition had “represented the values of Brussels” during the first wave of coronavirus and “spread fake news about the Hungarian government’s coronavirus measures under a pre-written scenario”.

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