Anna Donath - Photo: MTI

Momentum launches EP and local council election campaign

MEPs of opposition Momentum have played a role in the "European isolation" of Prime Minister Viktor Orban and in "shaking the foundations of the System of National Cooperation", party leader Anna Donath said at an event to launch the party's European Parliament and local council election campaign in Budapest on Friday.

A party statement cited Donath as saying that recent developments including a case involving a presidential pardon and an audio recording of a private conversation by former justice minister Judit Varga “have made it obvious to the wider society that Viktor Orban and his government have arrived at a moral low”. “The moral, intellectual and political foundations of the Orban regime have been shaken even in the eyes of their own supporters,” she added.

She said that people who vote for Momentum also vote for Europe. She added that the party would continue “using European methods” to weaken the government and replace it in 2026.

She also said that they trusted partnership and cooperation, adding that “without Momentum, it will not be possible to leave behind the dead-end of the Orban regime and again find the way back to Europe”.

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