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Momentum: Hungary at furthest point from Europe

Opposition Momentum has argued that Hungary has never been "so far from Europe", in an statement to mark the 19th anniversary of the country's accession to the European Union.

The Momentum Movement on Monday put an EU flag on the fence in front of the Carmelite Monastery in the Castle District which houses the Prime Minister’s Office.

“[W]e must remind ourselves that there’s no European prosperity without European values and freedom,” MEP Anna Donath said.

She insisted that the fence cordoning off the PM’s office building symbolised the gulf between Hungary and the rest of Europe. Referring to a recent student demonstration there, she said police had resorted to defending the cordon with tear gas.

Donath also decried the absence of EU flags on public buildings in Hungary. “There’s nothing to celebrate,” she said.

Referring to a proposed law on the status of teachers, she said the new rules would deprive teachers “of their basic human and employment rights”, and she called the bill an act of “revenge” by the government.

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