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Momentum calls on Pinter to address problems in education, not ‘break down’ teacher protests

The opposition Momentum Movement on Tuesday called on Interior Minister Sandor Pinter to address the "real" problems of Hungary's public education rather than "focusing on breaking down teachers' protests".

After parliament approved a law on transitional provisions in connection with the expiration of the special legal order on May 31, Momentum lawmaker Endre Toth told a press conference that the regulation “severely curbs” teachers’ right to strike.

Under the new law, teachers’ strikes must not result in lessons falling out in classes standing before school-leaving exams, or in classes with children with special needs. Otherwise, teachers must hold 50 percent of classes during the strike, and supervision must be provided for the children in the remaining time in their own classrooms.

Toth said the measure made teachers’ protest “invisible”.

The opposition’s education package proposes a 50 percent wage hike, free choice of textbooks and a review of the school funding system, he said. The opposition will submit parts of that package to parliament, he said.

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