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Momentum again removes fence at PM’s office

Politicians and supporters of opposition Momentum on Tuesday removed the metal fence in front of the prime minister's office, today's action being the sixth time they have done so.

Momentum said in a statement that despite “the police overreactions and tear gas attacks” of recent days, the party has once again removed the “unlawfully erected fence” in front of the former Carmelite Monastery, which houses the prime minister’s office, in the Castle District. Today’s action was held to mark Europe Day, they said.

“Removing the fence is removing the regime,” Momentum said. “There is no place for a fence in a European country, and on May 9, on Europe Day, we removed the fence,” it added.

The party’s lawmakers and politicians arrived in the company of around 50 activists at the prime minister’s office at 7am in the morning, and they plan to guard over the removed fence for several hours, Momentum said.

“We will keep removing the fence as long as this is necessary,” it said. “It stands unlawfully, separating the government from the people and from reality,” it added.

“In reality, Hungary has European record-high inflation at 25 percent, health care and education have been destroyed and the government keeps misleading people with constant lies,” Momentum said.

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