The building of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg – Photo: wikipedia

Minority protection key focus of Hungary’s CoE presidency

The protection of national minorities is a priority of Hungary's chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (CoE), a foreign ministry official told a conference in Budapest on Tuesday.

One of the aims of the Hungarian chairmanship is to strengthen democratic stability in Europe and put up an effective fight against all forms of political, social and cultural intolerance, Peter Sztaray, state secretary for security policy, said.

Hungary is actively looking for ways to support and promote the rights of minorities, Sztaray said, emphasising the importance of the role civil groups and research institutions play in the protection of minority rights.

National minorities have always played a central role in Hungarian politics, the state secretary said. Members of the Hungarian diaspora enjoy the support of the Hungarian state and Hungary also guarantees protections and cultural autonomy for national minorities living on its own territory, he added.

The protection and promotion of national minority rights guarantees the stability and prosperity of the European Union’s member states as well as the stability of Europe as an institution, Sztaray said.

The language, culture and traditions of national minorities are “invaluable” to Europe, he said, emphasising the need to protect them at both the national and European level.

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