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Minor earthquakes reported in eastern Hungary

Several minor earthquakes occurred in eastern Hungary on Saturday, the disaster management authority told MTI.

At 11.13am, an earthquake registering a 4 on the Richter scale was reported near the town of Gyomaendrod, in the southeast, the National Directorate of Disaster Management said, citing a report by the Kovesligeti Rado Seismology Observatory. The tremor was felt in several nearby settlements, but so far the disaster management authority has received no reports of damage.

A few minutes later, another 4.0 magnitude earthquake was registered near Turkeve in the east, with the tremors again being felt in nearby towns.

At 12.51pm, the observatory registered a 2.8 magnitude earthquake near the south-eastern town of Szarvas. Later in the afternoon, two aftershocks with magnitudes of 2.8 and a 3.5 were registered around Szarvas, the observatory said, adding that more could be expected.

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