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Ministry: Teachers’ demands ‘pointless’

The demands put forward by teachers' trade union PDSZ have become "pointless" in the wake of recent government measures, the ministry or culture and innovation said after talks with representatives of the union on Tuesday.

The government’s measures reflect its “commitment to provide appropriate financial remuneration for adequately prepared teachers doing high-quality work”, the ministry said in a statement. They said a draft recently submitted to parliament “could provide a guarantee for pay hikes in the next few years”.

The ministry also said some of PDSZ’s demands would go against the interests of teachers. Reintroducing a “rigid cap” of 22 classes a week would “remove the flexibility of vocational training, its integration with the economy and its achievements so far”.

According to the ministry’s statement, teachers in vocational schools are “satisfied with two pay rises this year, after which they could get further increases”.

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