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Ministry: Revamped university admissions system offers more flexibility

The government has revamped Hungary's university admissions system after consultations with the institutions, operators and students, and published the detailed regulations in a decree, the Ministry of Culture and Innovation said on Thursday.

The new system is aimed at offering universities, students and their families greater freedom of choice, the statement said.

The revamped admissions system will preserve the central coordinator role of the Education Office, the possibility of applying to six places and the importance of secondary school achievements and leaving exam results in the assessment of students’ admissions requests. At the same time, higher education institutions will get more powers in deciding their entry requirements, the ministry said. Additionally, the system will offer easier access to higher education for those holding vocational certificates and people who have done voluntary military service.

The new rules will apply to applicants who wish to start their studies from September 2024 but institutions will have the option to introduce some of the changes already for 2023 admissions. .

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