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Ministry: Hungary receives EUR 21.1 million in EU funding to provide for Ukraine refugees

The European Commission has made 21.1 million euros available to Hungary to help with the country's "extra burdens in connection with tasks around services to refugees arriving from Ukraine", the interior ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.

Hungary has so far received over 900,000 people fleeing the war in Ukraine, and has performed above and beyond to provide for the refugees, the statement said, noting contributions by the armed forces, disaster management, the National Humanitarian Coordination Council, local authorities, civil and religious groups, as well as volunteers as partners, to current efforts.

New arrivals get food, accommodation, health services, counselling and administrative assistance at service centres, the ministry said, adding that children are provided schooling, and help is given to people seeking a job.

The central budget has borne the related burden of 28 billion forints (EUR 67.2m) so far, the ministry said.

The supplementary aid was provided under a May 18 decision by the commission to help Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Czech Republic as countries most affected by a massive influx of refugees, to help with expenses incurred in Hungary between February 24 and August 23, the statement said.

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