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Ministry: GP, dentist wages to increase by 40 percent

Government allocation for the salaries of general practitioners and dentists who are community practice members will increase by over 40 percent as of January next year compared with 2020, the human resources ministry said on Thursday.

Simultaneously, payroll taxes and contributions will be reduced, the ministry said in a statement.

With the wage support, monthly wages of GPs rose to 2.62 million forints (EUR 7,080) on average from 867,000 forints in 2010, the ministry said.

As of January 1, the salaries of GP and dentist assistants will also go up and the practices will receive increased funding to cover that hike.

“It has been a priority for the government since 2010 to recognise doctors and health-care workers both morally and financially. This endeavour is reflected well in the pay hikes which have been the largest in the sector during the period,” the ministry said.

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