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Minister: Hungary embarks on new era in energy, hydrogen economy

Hungary has embarked on a new era in its energy and hydrogen economy, Csaba Lantos, the energy minister, said on Tuesday at the inauguration of Hungary's first hydrogen production plant.

Speaking in Kardoskut, in southern Hungary, Lantos said the plant was the first rung on the ladder of Hungary’s hydrogen industry and a further step towards reducing its energy dependence, with the possibility of storing renewable energy.

A 2.5 megawatt electrolysis system and hydrogen gas preparation technology will operate at the Kardoskut underground gas storage facility, Kriston Akos, chief executive of Magyar Foldgaztarolo, said.

Excess current generated by renewable energy sources such as solar can be stored in the hundreds of megawatts in the form of hydrogen for a period of several months, and can be returned to the grid as needed, he said.

The R and D project cost 5.6 billion forints (EUR 15m), and the state provided support of 2.5 billion.

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