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Minister: Hungarian farmers should not be put at disadvantage

Strict standards imposed on European farmers should also apply to producers from third countries, Minister of Agriculture Istvan Nagy told the Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting in Luxembourg on Monday.

Challenges such as climate change, protecting biodiversity and tackling pollution are global issues, Nagy said, and require solutions at the global level.

While European Union agriculture needs to become more sustainable, third countries must also play their part, he added.

The strict standards placed on European farmers feed into produce prices, and often cheap produce from third countries that harm the environment also harm European competitiveness and Hungarian farmers.

There is a danger that as the Green Deal is enforced, imports from third countries produced in a much less sustainable way will offset declining European yields, he added.

The European Commission should therefore consider the competitiveness of European farmers when it comes to negotiating free trade agreements, the minister said.

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