Miklos Kasler – Photo: Tamas Thaler/wikipedia

Minister condemns anti-Christian sentiment at home, in Europe

Human Resources Minister Miklos Kasler condemned anti-Christian sentiment in Hungary and in Europe in a post on Facebook on Sunday.

“A shocking, brutal and barbaric wave of terror has hit our Christian communities in Europe. It is inconceivable that those who openly profess their faith and convictions on the continent must fear for their life,” Kasler said.

He added that anti-Christian sentiment had “reared its head” in Hungary, too, noting that chief medical officer Cecilia Muller had been “called to account” for “a visible profession of her faith in the course of conducting her duties”.

Kasler quoted Robert Schuman, the former French prime minister and one of the founders of the European Union, who said “Europe shall be Christian, or cease to be”.

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