Proportion of children remains low

Middle-aged, elderly infected on increase

An increasing number of people aged between 40 and 49 as well as people above 65 are among those infected with the novel coronavirus, Cecilia Muller, the chief medical officer, said.

She told a press conference of the operative body responsible for handling the epidemic response that comparing data from the past two weeks showed a shift, with 40-49 year-olds representing nearly 20 percent of all infected people, slightly more than 20-29 year-olds.

The proportion of people aged above 65 has also increased, she said. The average age of the infected is currently 44.4 years, she added.

The proportion of children is still low at 4.6 percent, she said.

Muller said schools will be disinfected during the upcoming autumn break and the army will help in cleaning operations in institutions where the number of infections has been especially high.

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