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Mi Hazank urges preparations for ‘life after EU’

The radical opposition Mi Hazank party has called for preparations for Hungary's "life after European Union (membership)".

Mi Hazank deputy leader Elod Novak told a press conference on Thursday that preparations for the country’s potential EU exit was “the only right and responsible behaviour at a time of the EU’s crisis”, and urged efforts to strengthen “self determination and self supply”. He said EU membership was a “net deficit” for the country, and insisited that while EU funds accounted for 4 percent of the country’s GDP, international companies’s profits, exported from the country, equalled 7 percent of GDP.

Novak suggested that the constitution be amended to allow a referendum concerning EU membership and then a plebiscite be held “with regard to the balance of the past 18 years”.

“The question is whether we should stay an EU member or be free,” Novak said, adding that “more and more people think that the EU treats us as a colony, exploiting the country and increasingly interfering with our domestic affairs”.

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