Illustration - Photo: MTI

Mi Hazank to file complaint for fuel market ‘speculation’

The radical Mi Hazank (Our Homeland) party is filing a complaint with the police over "speculation and dumping prices" in the fuel market, party head Laszlo Toroczkai said on Thursday.

The complaint will be filed against perpetrator(s) unknown but “primarily against [oil and gas company] Mol”. “We think they were able to manipulate prices with the help of government officials,” he said.

By keepng prices low, the perpetrators have pushed small, mostly family-owned companies running petrol stations, then withdrew the product to hike the prices, he said.

Unlike in Hungary, Mol petrol stations in Croatia, Serbia and Slovakia faced no fuel shortages, he said.

Mi Hazank will also propose to re-introduce speculation and price dumping into the Penal Code, he said.

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