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Mi Hazank submits package of proposals to criminal code ‘to fight gypsy crime’

Opposition Mi Hazank has submitted a package of amendment proposals to the criminal code "in an effort to fight the proliferation of gypsy crime", party lawmaker Elod Novak said on Tuesday.

The current criminal code includes some easing of regulations when it comes to certain cases of rowdiness, and Mi Hazank instead is calling for stricter punishment of acts of disorderly conduct committed in a group involving weapons, he said.

The party also proposes that lynching should appear in the statute book as an independent crime, he added.

Additionally, security guards not carrying arms should be protected by law as persons fulfilling public duties, he said.

Mi Hazank law enforcement expert Attila Vido said that security guards working in shopping malls were subjected to incidents on a daily basis as a result of shoplifting attempts.

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