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Mi Hazank sends ‘condolences’ to Jobbik

Radical party Mi Hazank (Our Homeland) has sent its "condolences" to the conservative Jobbik, with Elod Novak, Mi Hazank's leader, declaring his party, which secured just over 6 percent in the general election held earlier in April, the natural home of radical nationalist voters.

Mi Hazank’s deputy leader placed a flag of mourning over the entrance to a Jobbik office in the capital’s 11th district, and said Jobbik voters were welcome to join its fold.

He said the party’s grassroots politics would continue even now that it had won seats in parliament.

Novak, one-time member of Jobbik before the party moved towards the centre, said Peter Jakab, Jobbik’s leader, was a “political corpse” and a “traitor” who had abandoned his principles and dragged his party towards the left wing.

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