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Mi Hazank says it is ‘only party rejecting every form of migration’

Opposition Mi Hazank is "the only party in Hungary today that rejects every form of migration", the head of its labour cabinet told a press conference on Thursday.

Janos Lantos cited Sandor Czomba, the economy ministry state secretary in charge of employment policy, as saying in a recent interview that “120,000 guest workers are in Hungary at present, compared with 80,000 in April 2023”.

“What is this, if not mass migration?” Lantos said.

“Politicians of ruling Fidesz keep citing the same arguments in favour of importing guest workers as their French and German peers did in the 1960s and 1970s, namely that it is a national economic interest and those people would go home in the end anyway,” he said.

“But we can see what is happening to western Europe: it has lost entirely its one-time character,” Lantos said, asking whether “Fidesz wants the same kind of future for Hungary”.

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