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Mi Hazank proposes to link suffrage to literacy

The Mi Hazank party wants the right to vote to be linked to the ability to read and write, the party's deputy head said on Monday. Elod Novak told a press conference that "for parties committing election fraud, it is easiest to buy the votes of those who can't read or write."

While Mi Hazank has no intention of excluding anyone from the elections because of their ethnicity, “this problem may affect Gypsies in Hungary the most”, he said.

The radical party would also take steps against buying votes and bussing voters to ballot stations, among other methods, he said.

The proposal would also ban dual citizens from running for office in Hungary, he said.

Under the proposal, constituents could recall lawmakers and MPs’ immunity would be scrapped.

Further, the president would be elected directly, prime ministerial candidates would have to hold open debates, and all parties would be obligated to write a manifesto, Novak said.

Also, the media authority should be manned by government and opposition delegates in equal numbers, he said.

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