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Mi Hazank proposes sending migrants to Africa

The radical Mi Hazank (Our Homeland) party firmly rejects the EU's migrant distribution quota plan and proposes sending migrants "forced onto Hungary" to Africa, the leader of the party said on Monday.

The quotas, if introduced, would be “the same as opening up” the EU’s borders and would “not keep migrants in the country designated for them,” Laszlo Toroczkai told a press conference.

He proposed following the UK-Rwanda relocation agreement as a model under which illegal migrants were to be sent to the African country, adding that realisation of the pact had been thwarted by a panel of judges “never elected democratically by anyone”.

Toroczkai said sending migrants to Africa would cost Hungary a lot less than paying under the quota scheme 20,000 euros for each migrant refused to be hosted.

“With such a solution an inflow of migrants to Hungary could also be prevented because people smugglers would choose other routes,” he said.

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