Laszlo Toroczkai - Photo: MTI

Mi Hazank marks holiday, holds peace demo

Opposition party Mi Hazank staged a peace demonstration and marked the anniversary of Hungary's 1848-49 revolution and freedom fight in Budapest on Wednesday.

Addressing the event, Laszlo Toroczkai, the leader of the radical party, said today’s Hungary was not the kind the revolutionaries had envisioned in 1848, adding that a major power was “again behaving like an occupier” in the country.

Toroczkai said Hungary must not be dragged into a war of great powers, while foreign troops must not be deployed in the country and Hungarians must not be taken abroad, either.

Hungary’s long-term goal should be to become a neutral country like Austria, Toroczkai said, adding that this also requires a strong military to ensure the country’s defence if it leaves NATO.

A strong military also requires a strong economy, he said.

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