Photo: Israeli Defence Forces (archive)

Mi Hazank: Hungary ‘must stay out of Israeli-Palestinian conflict’

The opposition Mi Hazank party has called for Hungary to "stay out" of the war between Israel and Hamas, and support the position of the United Nations that urges "an immediate ceasefire and a two-state solution".

In respect of the war in Ukraine, the government proclaimed to be on the side of peace and refused to commit itself either of the warring parties, Laszlo Toroczkai, the party’s leader, told a press conference on Tuesday. Yet in the case of the crisis in Israel and Gaza which “threatens the possibility of the outbreak of a third world war”, the government “has abandoned this apparent neutrality” and “has taken the side of bloodshed…”

Mi Hazank, he said, “most strongly condemns all forms of terrorism”, and that goes for the terrorist acts of Hamas, too. Every state has the right to self-defence, but only in its own territory, he added.

Toroczkai said what was taking place in Gaza “can no longer be called self-defence”.

“The massacre of 3,000 children cannot in any way be justified as self-defence,” he said, adding that the actions of the Israeli army against Syrian and Lebanese territories risked escalating the conflict.

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