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Mi Hazank: Forests are more than an energy resource

The opposition Mi Hazank party has called on the government to reconsider its stance on tree-felling aimed at making up for anticipated energy shortages, arguing that the forest is more than a source of energy.

The radical party’s deputy leader, David Docs, told a press conference on Monday that experts cautioned that the recent government decree on stepping up the production of firewood may cause severe problems in the long term, leading to intensifying droughts among other harms.

“Forests are life-sustaining resources in the long term, not an energy resource,” Docs said, adding that the government should have prepared contingencies for an energy crisis instead of “stumbling” as it was now doing.

He said the government should make up for energy shortages by using renewables such as biogas power plants and river dams, adding that the latter could help to solve water shortages as well as energy shortfalls.


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