Mi Hazank deputy leader shreds another children’s book over ‘homosexual propaganda’

Dora Duro, the deputy leader of the radical non-parliamentary Mi Hazank (Our Homeland) party, on Friday shredded another children's book which she claimed contained "homosexual propaganda".

Duro told a press conference that she considered it “outrageous” that literary historian Zsofia Ban’s book about a class of diverse children had received financial backing from the National Cultural Fund (NKA).

The independent MP noted that Ban addressed the opening of the Budapest Pride festival in 2013.

She argued that having a character in the book who has “two mothers instead of a father and a mother” amounted to “homosexual propaganda”. She also criticised the work for “sensitising our children” to the acceptance of a black classmate from abroad.

Last month, Duro tore apart another children’s book which retells fairy tales with sexual and ethnic minorities as main characters.

She said she will turn to Human Resources Minister Miklos Kasler over the matter, asking him why and how much the NKA had contributed to the book’s publication.

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