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Mi Hazank demands ‘LGBTQ propaganda’ ban

The head of the Budapest section of opposition Mi Hazank has demanded the banning of "LGBTQ propaganda" and the Budapest Pride festival.

Holding a press conference on Thursday in front of a bench in Budapest repainted several times in recent days, Csongor Vekony said his radical right-wing party would be glad to “help remove the LGBTQ colours anywhere in Hungary” and would do everything possible to ensure that LMBTQ propaganda “is not forced on us”.

In 1968, the Marxists “first equated the unhealthy with the healthy, then made it mandatory to accept the abnormal as normal, and finally they want to force us to protect all aberrations as pride, instead of stopping it from spreading,” Vekony said while spraying the national colours on the bench that was earlier painted in the colours of the rainbow.

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