The Paks nuclear power plant – Photo: OAH

Mi Hazank: ‘Cheap Paks energy could cover total need of Hungarian households’

The Paks nuclear power plant has the capacity to provide energy to cover the total need of all Hungarian households, the leader of the opposition Mi Hazank (Our Homeland) party said on Wednesday.

“Using the cheap energy produced by the Paks plant, Hungary’s energy crisis could be solved,” Laszlo Toroczkai told a press conference.

Mi Hazank rejects all sanctions against Russia while supports importing natural gas from that country to Hungary, he said. The party at the same time rejects any EU mechanism involving to transfer any amount of imported gas to Germany, which “has totally ruined its energy policy situation with wrong political decisions”, Toroczkai added.

He pledged to organise nationwide demonstrations “if the government does not start managing the [energy] crisis using our proposals”.

Toroczkai said Mi Hazank will on Thursday send a letter to the prime minister containing their proposals which include imposing “a digital tax” on the net revenues of tech companies that “somehow always find a way to avoid paying taxes”. The party also proposes imposing a tax on casinos, international food delivery companies and the hundred most wealthy Hungarians, he said.

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