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Mi Hazank calls on government to reject ‘possibility of Ukrainian intervention in Moldova’

The radical Mi Hazank (Our Homeland) party has called on the government to reject any possibility of a Ukrainian intervention in Moldova.

Party leader Laszlo Toroczkai reacted to a statement by Ukrainian defence intelligence head Kyrylo Budanov, who said Ukraine was prepared to intervene in Moldova to push out some 1,500 Russian peacekeepers from the Transnistria region.

Such an operation could trigger a domino effect, Toroczkai said. Expanding the war could destabilise the region “and could be the preamble to the third world war”, he said.

The step could also “embolden” Romanian political forces that “have been long preparing to unite Moldova and Romania”, he said. An increase of Romania’s territory, population and strength would pose a serious security risk and “create a precedent by feeding Romanian territorial ambitions,” he said.

Toroczkai called on Hungary’s foreign ministry to “make it clear that Romania can unite with Moldova only when Transylvania is reunited with Hungary.”

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